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Our Most Popular Chicken Recipes

We recently polled you about the protein you grill most often. It wasn’t beef, it wasn’t pork, and it certainly wasn’t lamb. It was chicken. So here are the six most popular chicken recipes on

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Discover Flavors and Fuels in Our Store

Shop a wide variety of rubs, wood chips, sauces, and more to add just the right flavor to your barbecue.

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Smokin-It Smokers and Accessories

Whether you have purchased your own smoker or simply sampled the smoked foods others have produced, you may have heard of Smokin-It. The four boxy smokers are gaining popularity among enthusiasts, even being used at a handful of restaurants.

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Eat Steak Like a Brazilian, Part 2

If Blake Carson has his way (make that when, not if), picanha—spit-roasted beef top sirloin, crusted with coarse salt and cooked over live fire—will become a household word in the U.S. The Memphis, Tennessee, native is evangelical when it comes to Brazilian barbecue.

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The Smoked Food Log Book Sweepstakes

Send us a completed page of the Smoked Food Log Book, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a big Kahuna basket of Best of Barbecue grilling accessories.

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Recipes and Crowd Favorites

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